United States strikes at Google with the biggest antitrust lawsuit in decades

The White House speaker, Kayleigh McEnany, announced the federal government plan and added that “this is an overdue step in a very long process”.

Along with other 11 states, the United States Justice Department filed a formal complaint against Google, specifically, the alleged charges are that the company used its power and hold over the market to defend against it’s rivals.

The california based company is being accused of not complying with  the laws and rules about competition with other corporations. According to the 57 page long complaint filed by the Justice Department on Monday, Google managed to lock out all of it’s competitors by obtaining exclusive business contracts and agreements.

This kind of action taken against on of the biggest monopolies of the whole world is a political decision made by the president Donald Trump. Throughout his campaign he attacked big tech firms like Google, Apple and Amazon for swallowing the whole market just for themselves.

Even a democrat senator like Elizabeth Warren backed this measure taken by the president, even though they are in the opposite political spectrum and have quarreled many times in the past. According to information obtained by the New York Times, this legal battle could stretch up to four years before there is a final ruling on the matter from a judge.

There is little love lost between the Trump administration and the big Tech superpower that has it’s primary offices in Silicon Valley. It’s a proven fact that Ruth Porat, the former Chief Financial Officer of Google, actually cried the night of the election when Trump won the presidency in 2016:

Four years have already passed since that night of November, an infamous date that will live in history as the story of a republican nominee that shocked the entire western hemisphere. Ruth currently serves as the CFO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Incorporated. This is further evidence that a man like Donald Trump never forgets an enemy.

Historically in America there have only been only two other major antitrust probes like this one: the lawsuit against Microsoft Corporation on 1998 and the 1974 case of AT&T, which totally ruptured the telecommunications system owned by Bell.

This case has even arrived to the senate floor. Josh Hawley, a republican senator from the state of Missouri, publicly accused Google of using antitrust strategies to keep its power and control of the market. He praised thoroughly the actions taken by the Justice Department.

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